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What can you expect when you travel with us?

Highly Personalized Service

We're here for you regardless of what you need, from person-to-person advice and ideas to insights and specialized arrangements (such as hotel bookings or other travel arrangements).

Noted Scholars

Travel with distinguished faculty members of respected universities and museums. Our lecturers are chosen not only for the breadth and depth of their knowledge but also for their ability to captivate their listeners and share the passion they have for their chosen subject.

The Camaraderie of Fellow Travelers

Most of our tours have around 15-24 participants and we think this number of travelers is just right. These small groups offer sociability, companionship, and a sense of shared experience, but most importantly don't crowd you or make you feel like just part of the herd.

4* & 5* Hotels at the Highest Standard

These days, there is no reason to sacrifice comfort or convenience while you travel the world. It is our goal to seek out elegant and luxurious international hotels that are also well-located for sight-seeing, for great restaurants and for having new cultural experiences.
*On occasion we may use a 3* where there is no 4* or 5* available.

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