5 Reasons to Visit Georgia in 2019

Still considered to be a somewhat off-the-beaten-track destination, Georgia is an incredible country with a wealth of fascinating archaeology, rich culture and beautiful landscapes. 

Colorful adventures await here, from the stunning capital of Tbilisi and its imposing mountains, to the ancient historical sites that will inspire awe in any traveler. The itinerary that we offer, here at Archaeological Tours, will take you on a journey through antiquity, crossing the border from Armenia into Georgia and starting in the vibrant capital.

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Discover Georgian Orthodox churches, the National Museum, the Open Air Museum of Ethnography, the excavated remains at Armaztsikhe-Bagineti, the legendary Uplishtsikhe, the Prometheus Cave and more on our 15-day archaeological exploration. So, why visit Georgia? Let us show you...

1) Its incredible Prometheus Cave

This colorful natural wonder claims to house the boulder that Prometheus was chained to, as legend has it. Located around 12 miles from the city of Kutaisi, this incredible cave was discovered in 1984 and boasts an array of eye-catching elements, such as petrified waterfalls and cave pearls. We pay a visit to this unique site on our tour. 

2) The country's cuisine

Local produce is valued highly here, as well as seasonable, and a meal in Georgia is always a sensory experience. From the khachapuri Adjaruli, which lovers of cheese and carbohydrates will fall in love with upon the first bite, to brightly colored Churchkhela – a fruit leather made from grape juice left over from the annual wine harvest – you won't have a dull dinner here. 

3) Georgia's wine legacy

Claiming to be the birthplace of wine, Georgia's history with this indulgent alcoholic beverage can be traced back around 8,000 years. In 2017, archaeologists found evidence of wine residue on pottery shards found at sites within the country that date back to 6,000 BC. Our tour, of course, includes a visit to a traditional winery just east of Tbilisi, where we will also be treated to a delicious lunch.

4) The wealth of archaeology to be found here

If you're reading this blog, chances are you're already aware of the phenomenal archaeological sites that call Georgia home. Explore the excavated remains at Armaztsikhe-Bagineti, discover a 3,000-year-old rock-hewn cave house settlement at Uplistsikhe, and tour a labyrinth carved deep into a mountain cliffside at Vardzia.

5) Experience vibrant Tbilisi

This capital city is remarkable. Not only have archaeologists uncovered evidence that it was inhabited by humans since around 4,000 BC, it also has diverse architecture influenced by its rich history, a strong thermal bath tradition (the name tbili derives from the old Georgian word for 'warm'!), and endless things to occupy your time. On our tour, we visit museums, dine at local restaurants and soak up the city's atmosphere over a few days. 

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5 Reasons to Visit Georgia in 2019 was published on January 15 2019