Travels Through Antiquity 2019 brochure
Travels Through Antiquity 2019 brochure

Travel through antiquity with our brand new 2019 program

“Where should I visit next year?” This question is one that many of us ask ourselves when it’s time to make resolutions for the next twelve months ahead, and – hopefully – our new collection of 2019 tours will be able to answer it for you.

From an island castle with a violent history in Lithuania and enigmatic standing stones in wild Scotland, to rich traditions and awe-inspiring temples in Japan, we have something for every kind of adventurer.

Travel the world in the company of an expert scholar, whose knowledge and passion will illuminate every site you visit along the way. Enjoy the trip of a lifetime as you journey back to the past with Archaeological Tours, experiencing ancient stories in vivid detail.

Request your brochure today or if you are ready to book your dream tour, call our friendly team toll-free on 866-740-5130 and we’ll do the rest…