Visit Egypt, where timeless artifacts sit among awe-inspiring landscapes and temples rise from the desert sands, telling ancient tales. From the world-renowned Nile River and the historic tombs in the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, to the Pyramids along the Giza Plateau – there is something here to enchant every traveler. Take a scenic cruise along the Nile’s waters from Aswan to Cairo, go off-the-beaten-path in search of seldom-visited sites such as Abusir and Beni Hasan, or wander through the country’s vibrant bazaars in search of local handicrafts that make for the ideal reminder of your memorable time here.

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Country Information - Egypt

  • Currency - The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound
  • How to Dress - Egypt is a Muslim country so it is important to dress conservatively in non-tourist regions. Temperatures can get extremely hot in the summer
  • Cultural Differences - About 90% of the Egyptian population is Muslim. Honor, Family and Social class are all prominent in Egyptian Culture
  • Language - Arabic is the official language of Egypt although English and French are widely spoken
  • Tipping - Tipping is not customary in Egypt but it is commonplace to add a tip for good service. Up to 10% is acceptable. Archaeological Tours will take care of gratuities to restaurant staff, local guides and drivers