Pyramids of Meroe
Pyramids of Meroe


Visit Sudan, a destination fit for the more adventurous traveler, and where vast deserts, ancient civilizations and pyramid-studded landscapes await discovery. Still considered to be off-the-beaten-track, Sudan is the place to go if you want to gaze in awe at archaeological wonders without the crowds. Explore the UNESCO-listed pyramids at Meroe, take a tour of the modern capital of Sudan at Khartoum, and stay in authentic desert camps as you travel between sites. Anticipate otherworldly scenery, remote sites hidden deep in the desert and captivating history.

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Country Information - Sudan

  • Currency - The currency of Sudan is the Sudanese pound
  • How to Dress - Tourists are expected to dress conservatively while visiting Sudan. Legs and shoulders should be covered at all times
  • Cultural Differences - Sudan is predominantly a Muslim country in the north but has a large Christian tradition in the south. A curfew operates in Sudan's major cities between midnight and 4am
  • Language - The two official languages of Sudan are Arabic and English
  • Tipping - Service charges in Sudan are generally included in the bill and tipping is not normally expected. Archaeological Tours will take care of gratuities to restaurant staff, local guides and drivers