The iconic Taj-Mahal
The iconic Taj-Mahal


Visit India and let the unrivaled range of landscapes and cultures astound you. Spirituality, traditions and stories make this destination one you simply can’t afford to pass by. From the lush national parks where wild elephants spend their days to the bustling cities and iconic buildings such as the Taj Mahal, India offers every kind of adventure going. Experience an authentic Kathakali dance performance, discover the world-renowned rock-cut shrines and shore temples at Mamallapuram, and take a boat ride along the Ganges where you’ll observe sacred rituals being carried out by locals. With cuisine that changes from region to region, scenery that can vary from snow-capped Himalayan summits to Kerala’s lush greenery, and monuments that range from the legendary Amber Fort in Jaipur to the world’s largest monolithic statue in Sravanabelagola – India is a country that once visited, won’t leave you.

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Country Information - India

  • Currency - The Currency of India is the Indian Rupee
  • How to Dress - Dressing conservatively is important in India. A general rule is to ensure you cover your shoulders and your knees. It is recommended that you wear breathable fabric. You may be asked to take your shoes off in some religious areas
  • Cultural Differences - India is known for it's religious history and is the birthplace of four of the world's major religions - Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism. In India it is customary to eat with your right hand. Embracing and kissing is not acceptable in public
  • Language - India has over twenty major languages incorporating a number of dialects. The main languages are Hindi and English
  • Tipping - Tipping in the service industry is common practice. In restaurants, a tip of 5% - 7% is acceptable. Archaeological Tours will take care of gratuities to restaurant staff, local guides and drivers