Visit Denmark and discover a welcoming, fascinating country that frequently tops happiness and quality of life polls. Here, the great outdoors is appreciated. People don’t break their backs working overtime. Family values are strong. In Denmark, the experience of life itself is celebrated. Food, impeccable style and cosiness are important here and you can find fantastic examples of each at every turn. Cross the architecturally impressive Øresund Bridge into Denmark from Sweden, pulling into Copenhagen. Here, take a tour of its fantastic National Museum, indulge in a flaeskesteg sandwich and wander up and down the brightly colored harbor of Nyhavn, before making your way out along the water to see the Little Mermaid statue (and continue a little further on to see its subversive counterpart!). In Aarhus, visit the Viking Museum and observe the famous Tollund Man at the Silkeborg Museum. You won’t be pushed for things to do in this stylish, historic and memorable country.

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Country Information - Denmark

  • Currency - The currency of Denmark is the Danish krona
  • How to Dress - Denmark is fairly cosmopolitan and there isn't such thing as a dress code. The climate is similar to the UK so pack warmer clothes in winter
  • Cultural Differences - Danes are often characterized as being calm and humble. They are also private. Danish people believe in equality and their language is neutral. Family is important in Denmark
  • Language - The official language of Denmark is Danish. English is widely spoken in tourist areas
  • Tipping - In Denmark, if a service charge is already added to the bill then tipping is not necessary. If a service charge is not added it is customary to add 5% - 10%. Archaeological Tours will take care of gratuities to restaurant staff, local guides and drivers