Vilnius, capital of Lithuania
Vilnius, capital of Lithuania


Visit Lithuania, home to unspoiled natural parks and quirky sites. The southernmost of the three Baltic countries, Lithuania is well worth a trip and there are many things to explore here. Pay a visit to a 15th century Gothic island castle at Trakai, get your bearings on a walking tour of the country’s capital Vilnius and see the theater balcony in Palanga where Hitler gave his infamous speech in 1939 confirming Nazi Germany’s annexation of Memel Land. While here, you might want to sample the local cuisine, starting with a cepelinai – a sizable potato dumpling served with soured cream and crispy bits of bacon. Like its Baltic contemporaries, Lithuania is a fantastic place to spot birds and you might be able to observe black storks and white-tailed eagles during your stay.

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Country Information - Lithuania

  • Currency - The currency of Lithuania is the Euro
  • How to Dress - Lithuania is fairly liberal when it comes to dress
  • Cultural Differences - The majority of Lithuanians are Roman Catholic. Family is very important in Lithuania and forms the basis of society
  • Language - Lithuanian is the official language of Lithuanian
  • Tipping - Tipping is not customary in Lithuania but it is commonplace to add a tip for good service. Up to 10% is acceptable. Archaeological Tours will take care of gratuities to restaurant staff, local guides and drivers