Guests at the archaeological site of El Tajin
Guests at the archaeological site of El Tajin


Visit Mexico and let this huge country’s wealth of history, archaeology and culture work its way into your heart. The ideal time to explore this incredible destination is between December and April, when the rainfall is typically at its lowest and the temperatures are the most pleasant for exploring, and the adventure of a lifetime really can be had here. A somewhat familiar place, Mexico has much to offer besides its celebrated cuisine and culture. An archaeological vacation here is a rewarding one, where the stories of ancient indigenous civilizations can be uncovered among amazing remains and ruins. Explore elaborately carved reliefs from the Classical Era at El Tajín, observe the statues of the Toltecs at Tula and visit the ruins of an ancient Zapotec capital at Monte Albán in Oaxaca. Outside of visits to sites, anticipate demonstrations by traditional local weavers, tours of fabulous museums and the chance to explore vibrant cities.

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Country Information - Mexico

  • Currency - The currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso
  • How to Dress - Mexico is fairly liberal although it is advisable to wear layers especially when visiting religious sites. It get's very hot in the summer so be sure to pack lighter layers
  • Cultural Differences - The family is at the center of importance to Mexicans. The head of the family is often the father. Rank is important in Mexico. Roman Catholic accounts for 89% of religion in Mexico
  • Language - Spanish is the official language of Mexico
  • Tipping - Tipping is expected in Mexico. 10% - 15% is a reasonable amount. Archaeological Tours will take care of gratuities to restaurant staff, local guides and drivers