Urban park in colonial Spanish style in Santiago, Chile
Urban park in colonial Spanish style in Santiago, Chile


Visit Chile, where the natural world is at its best, the wine is top class and the adventures are always memorable. An incredibly thin and long South American country, it boasts the world’s driest desert as well as vast glaciers. Chile’s diversity can be found in its people, landscapes and cuisine alike, and its endemic wildlife is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It’s capital and largest city, Santiago, is dynamic and vibrant with fantastic museums and restaurants awaiting discovery. A plane ride away, however, is the most renowned archaeological site – Easter Island. A real bucket-list destination, this isolated island is an honor to explore and being home to almost 1,000 monumental moai statues, it’s easy to see why. Spend time uncovering the mysteries of this enigmatic island at the site of the Rano Raraku quarry, the Anthropological Museum Rapa Nui and the cave at Ana Kai Tangata, where pictograms of the Manutara bird is painted on the rocks.

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Country Information - Chile

  • Currency - Chilean peso is the currency of Chile
  • How to Dress - The dress code in Chile is genuinely casual including in most restaurants. It is advisable to pack lightweight layers in the summer when temperatures peak. It can get cooler in the evenings
  • Cultural Differences - Family occupies a central role in Chile with many businesses family owned. The majority of Chileans are Roman Catholic. Chileans are often considered quite formal. Divorce was only legalized in 2004
  • Language - Spanish in the official language of Chile
  • Tipping - Tipping in Chile is voluntary but is common practice in the service industry. Archaeological Tours will take care of gratuities to restaurant staff, local guides and drivers