Tony Wilmott

Tony Wilmott

Tony Wilmott is a Senior Archaeologist with Historic England.

He has directed numerous excavations, including 23 seasons of work on the Hadrian's Wall World Heritage site, and also at Whitby Abbey, Richborough Roman fort, and on the amphitheatre at Chester. He has published several books, and many articles in archaeological journals and conference proceedings. He was Current Archaeology magazine's Archaeologist of the Year in 2012. He specialises in the Roman and Late Antique periods, with particular interests in the Roman military and frontiers, Roman religion, and the late/ post Roman transition. He is a recognised authority on the Roman amphitheatre. He is also interested in the development of the early Anglo Saxon church, and in medieval heraldry. He has travelled widely throughout the Roman Empire, including Syria and the Middle East, and also beyond the Imperial frontiers in China, South America and Antarctica.

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