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Romans, Visigoths & Viziers

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Southern Spain, rich in precious metals, wine and olive oil, has attracted the attention of many would-be conquerors over the centuries. From North Africa came the Carthaginians, superseded by the Romans who built cities and criss-crossed the plains with 1000s of miles of roads. Then the Visigoths, fresh from sacking the city of Rome, built churches until they too were vanquished by the Moors. As Europe entered ‘the Dark Ages’ Al-Andalus flourished under its Moorish rulers who fashioned marvellous palaces, with arches, artwork and gardens that still grace Córdoba and Granada. From prehistory to the Renaissance, our tour progresses through the many ages of this vibrant, beautiful and fascinating region.

Led by...

Doru Bogdan

Doru Bogdan Expert Scholar

A researcher and lecturer at the University of Alba Iulia in Romania, Doru Bogdan is a specialist in Roman archaeology and has also supervised an array of fascinating excavations.

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Tour highlights:

  • Follow the scenic route of the Roman Via Augusta, an ancient road built to link Spain with Italy
  • Explore the ruined Moorish palace of Medina Azahara, a UNESCO-listed site on the outskirts of Córdoba
  • Tour vibrant Seville, Moorish Córdoba and Granada - cities that will offer an insight into life in this Spanish region
  • Indulge in the traditional flavours of the country at each stop and see how the cuisine changes as we travel around

Tour details

Dates September 14 2020 - September 21 2020
Duration 8 days
Today's Price

Benefit from this limited time offer:

  • Pay a low deposit of $1, was $750.
Single supplement: $585 Balance due by June 22 2020
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September 14 2020: Itinerary

We fly from London and upon arrival in Seville, we transfer to our hotel.

Meals include: Dinner

We start the day with a visit to the Palacio le Lebrija, housing an Archaeological Museum famous for its Roman mosaics. We proceed to the Seville Archaeological Museum, the most important museum of its kind in Andalucia, housing artefacts from the Neolithic period to the time of the Moors. After lunch, we explore the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, the largest Gothic church in the world. Afterwards, we take a tour of the Real Alcazar, the oldest European royal palace still in use today.

Meals include: Breakfast, Lunch

We drive north to Italica, birthplace of Roman Emperors Trajan and Hadrian. Founded by General Scipio in the 3rd century BC, Italica is home to many Roman remains, ancient cobbled streets and one of the largest amphitheatres in the Empire. On our return to Seville, we visit the Metropol Parasol, the iconic wooden structure locals refer to as Las Setas, where we explore the archaeological remains it. 

All meals included

This morning we travel to Carmona to explore the ruins of the ancient city, the fortress, as well as the necropolis, famed for its extensive rock-cut tombs. The most important finds on display among the collections in the Carmona Museum are the Tartessian and Roman remains. In the afternoon, we drive to Córdoba, where we visit the archaeological museum whose collection of artefacts spans the breadth of early Andalucian history and includes the Lion of Nueva Carteya.

All meals included

After breakfast, we venture out of the city to explore the ruined Moorish palace of Medina Azahara. Upon our return to Córdoba, we explore a city colonised by Muslims until the 8th century. We explore the Mezquita, a peerless mosque which transformed into an elaborate gilt cathedral in the 16th century. Lastly, we explore the atmospheric Jewish Quarter.

Meals include: Breakfast, Lunch

We visit the archaeological park of Torreparedones, an important Ibero-Roman site were we see a market and forum. After lunch, we have private access to the Baena Archaeological Museum. Here, we view the artefacts recovered from the site and the larger region dating from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. Our last visit of the day will be to the Andalucian city of Jaén, viewing the large collection of archaeological artefacts from the Iberian period.

All meals included

Today we spend all day in Granada, exploring both the city and the unique Alhambra. We will explore the Granada Archaeological Museum, set in a 16th century palace. The highlight of the day and of the tour is the visit to the Alhambra, with its enchanting blend of Arabic and Renaissance architecture. Described by Muslim poets as a pearl set in emeralds, there are fewer places more famous than this – a lovely way to end the tour.

Meals include: Breakfast, Dinner

We drive to Málaga on Spain’s southern coast and take our return flights home from here.

Meals include: Breakfast

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