Palermo Cathedral
Palermo Cathedral

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Sicily & Southern Italy: Classical Crossroads of the Mediterranean

Between them the island of Sicily, just 190 miles north of Africa, and mainland Southern Italy are home to some of the Old World’s grandest, most beautiful and certainly best-preserved Classical archaeological sites. Their wealth of historic monuments, many built on a colossal scale, commemorate the turbulent sequences of discovery, conquest, colonization and decline that successive invaders brought to an area that is today one of the Mediterranean’s most fascinating cultural melting-pots.

Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens and Normans each left their mark in turn amid a legacy of columned temples, villas, aqueducts, theatres, castles and cathedrals. To this unique heritage later periods of French, Spanish and Austrian control have each added cultural influences of their own.

Under the guidance of your Sicily travel guide, we visit the many world-class sites we will explore on our tour span Agrigento’s Greek temples, the Roman amphitheatre at Syracuse, Casale’s late-Roman mosaics and (on the mainland) Paestum’s Doric temples, the especially compelling ruins of Pompeii – and many more. Our journey adds the enjoyment of travel through sunlit Mediterranean landscapes where vines and olives flourish, and enriched by the many pleasures of today’s Italy, its welcoming lifestyle and irresistible cuisine.

What's included?

  •  Expert scholar & tour manager
  •  Accommodation
  •  Local transport & private transfer to/from airport and group hotel
  •  Entries & tips
  •  Ferry
  •  Meals - as per the itinerary
  •  Four lectures from your expert scholar
  •  A name badge, luggage strap and bag tag
  •  A study guide, reading list, and other useful tour documentation compiled by your expert scholar and your Archaeological Tours team

Tour highlights:

  • Gain many intriguing insights into some of the Mediterranean’s most imposing Classical archaeological sites as well as others lesser-known but no less memorable
  • Wander the haunting ruins of Pompeii & Herculaneum – destroyed by Mount Vesuvius 2,000 years ago and still eerily intact
  • Relax amid the beautiful waterside settings of medieval Taormina and charming Cefalù
  • Marvel at Reggio Calabria’s Riace Warriors – iconic life-sized Greek bronze statues rescued from the sea
  • Enjoy scenic drives through some of Sicily’s most spectacular hill and massif scenery

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