Rock drawings in Val Camonica
Rock drawings in Val Camonica
with Andante Travels

Val Camonica | The Ice Man and his World

The Alpine valleys of Val Camonica hold one of the largest collections of Prehistoric rock art in the world - Italy’s first World Heritage Site. The images depict every facet of life from Neolithic through to Roman times. Each depiction is unique, creating a varied and concentrated gallery of prehistoric life: there are animals, humans, boats, carts, huts - some strung together into narratives - an almost overwhelming profusion of detail.

Having set the scene, we venture into the mountains to visit the ice-man ‘Ötzi’ - an emissary from 5000 years ago. Hikers stumbled across Ötzi in 1991, and for over two decades analysis of his body, and the extraordinary Prehistoric tool kit he carried, has given us a glimpse into the Ice Man’s world...

What's included?

  •  A/C coach
  •  Expert scholar & tour manager
  •  Accommodation
  •  Local transport & private transfer to/from airport and group hotel
  •  Entries & tips
  •  Meals - as per the itinerary

Tour highlights:

  • Discover the Prehistoric gallery of over 100,000 rock art depictions in the National and local parks of Val Camonica
  • Visit remarkable waterlogged wooden structures and items preserved in the mud at the edge of Lake Ledro
  • View well-preserved artefacts from the pile-dwelling settlements of the region and reconstructed villages
  • Meet Ötzi and learn about his life and death at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

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