Sunrise at Ahu Tongariki
Sunrise at Ahu Tongariki
NEW for 2019 'Lite'

Chile 'Lite': Easter Island

Explore archaeological treasures from Chile and the Americas at the Pre-Columbian Museum in Santiago before flying to Easter Island for four days of exploration. An island word-famous for over 600 Moai that are 800 years old - it is certainly the place to discover the history of Chile and one for the bucket list! Encounter the archaeological mysteries of Papa Nui and hear about the myths, cults and power play of the Rapa Nui.

This is the perfect extension to Peru: Lost Cities of the Incas

What's included?

  •  Meals - as per the itinerary
  •  Local Guide / Tour Manager
  •  Entries & tips
  •  Local transport & private transfer to/from airport and group hotel
  •  Accommodation

Tour highlights:

  • Take in Chilean archaeological artifacts and art at Santiago’s museums
  • Come face to face with enigmatic monolithic human figures, ‘Moai’, faces of deified ancestors.
  • Watch the sunset at Tahai, one of the oldest ceremonial complexes on Easter Island
  • Visit Ahu Tongariki, one of the most visually stunning sites on the island and the largest reconstructed temple in all of Polynesia
  • View hundreds of petroglyphs carved with birdman images at Mata Ngrau.

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